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About Us

VapourHost was launched in 2016 with a vision of providing the best possible hosting services at a fair pricing. We've always been obsessed with our core ethical values. We are loved by our customers due to our excellent support, solid infrastructure and fair pricing.

Indian by heart, Global by approach

VapourHost was founded as a shared hosting provider from India. We have the Indian values of ‘the world is a home’ and our approach has always been global. We have customers from over 15 countries who trust us with their business. We keep improving day-by-day and try our best to keep our customers happy. Even after so many years since our public launch, we are proud to say that we are committed to serving our customers with a friendly and humble approach. We are planning to provide more than just shared hosting in nearby future. The key components are always going to remain the same: Reliable Support, Fast and Secure Hosting at a fair pricing.

Words from Co-Founders

Chirag Aggarwal

Hosting industry has always fascinated me but there are still lot of issues that website owners face. With the inspiration to solve these problems, we started VapourHost.

We have devoted our time and hard-work to ensure that you as a customer get the best experience without having to shell out a fortune. This is the core principle that drives us.

I have tried a lot of hosting companies and they just always seem to be lacking something. I always felt that they are really trying hard to upsell products rather than focusing on ‘me’.

So, I decided to open a hosting company which was focused on the users and cared for them from the heart. The values of VapourHost has been really crafted by us such that it focuses on you.

Chirag Agarwal

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