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How to install WordPress via Softaculous?

We offer Softaculous automatic app installer with all of our shared hosting plans through which you can install WordPress in few clicks. This will not only save you hassle but time. Below are the steps for the same process:

1. Log into the cPanel account.

2. Access the Softaculous Installer from the cPanel

Accessing Softaculous

3. Select WordPress from the Top Scripts or select it from the sidebar

4. Fill out informations

Switch to the Install tab if not already and start entering details for your website. Here are the explanation of required fields:

  • Choose Protocol: Select the correct protocol which you intend to use. If you want to use SSL on your website, select https otherwise select http
  • Choose Domain: Here you need to select the domain you wish to install WordPress on.
  • In Directory: This determines if WordPress will be installed in root or subdirectory. If you want to access WordPress from root directory (such as leave or empty this field. If you want to access WordPress from subdirectory (such as, enter the directory part in this field.

Other fields are self-explanatory. After filling all fields, click on Install button on bottom of page. If every requirement is met, the installation will begin. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be provided with information for accessing your site.

Your installation is now complete and you can access your admin area.

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