8 Growth Hacking Strategies For Startups that will lead you to heights

8 Growth Hacking Strategies For Startups that will lead you to heights

So you have started your company and now it is the time to start reaching the new customers. I hope that you already have some customers as of your pre-launching plan.

If I tell you about my experience, this is often the toughest phase in the life of a startup. You have to start from launching phase to making something that has a huge demand in the market.

Getting reach to new customers can be easy for some, but it is hard for most. Especially fetching early customers and their reviews are really important for the development of your product.

So I would like to say that don’t think even for a second that you will get everything right now, you just need to simply add various building blocks that will lead you to the goal that you are looking for.

1. Set a Clearly Defined Goal

First, you have to set a unique and definite goal and then divide it into small achievable micro goals like:

  • The number of customers we need per week.
  • What amount of emails should we need to send?
  • How many meetings should we have with others?
  • If we will add a new feature in our company, how many new customers will we achieve?
  • Can we increase our reach if we do a partnership with any company?
  • If I am spending some time on any project how much will it pay off in the future?
  • How can we get users for a year?

2. Leverage the Pre-launch List You Made

The very first step you need to kickstart your momentum is to leverage the list that you have made in the months before your products launch.

There are many things you should do with the list of people who have some interest in your product.

We can do many things that are effective and have an impact. Remember that we need more incentive for customers to notice our product.

  • We can give our pre users a special and exclusive offer.
  • Or also we can give them the same thing but with extra features than others (for being supportive), using this tactic we can derive more users and sales.
  • Build an offer so that the existing users refer to other friends.
  • Send some gifts to users who recommend us on their blogs or profiles.
  • Build a huge launch offer so that our company derives a huge user attention.
  • Send emails to the users in the list on how to get an offer.

3. Creating an Awesome Product for Users

Having the best product and presenting it in the best way to the world gives us a huge impact on the growth of our company.

The best way to outrank your competitors and getting yourself established in the market is to launch the best product that a user wants. This is the strategy we are working on from the day 1 and have got a good success in this very dense market.

4. Finding Some Good And Eligible Partners

Tying up with good partners has been a very key part of growth for us at different places. Simply it is broken down in some of the areas.

Integration Partners

Merging or integrating between your product and others in this world is a very great idea to provide many additional utilities to your users.

Referral Partners

As you will grow you will come to know about many different sources of referrals. It consists of resellers, affiliates or even agencies that use your product for their clients.

On the other side, you will find many users out there as a partner who knows how to use your product. Let’s take an example of ours, we get many users who want to use VapourHost but don’t have time to implement it to themselves.

5. Keep A Complete Eye On Your Analytics

If you correctly keep eye on analytics of your company and that of competitors you can implement some changes and outrank your competitor.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • If a user comes to your blog and reads content and signs up how do you ensure that the sale is attached to that content?
  • Which of the landing pages are converting more sales to us and how?
  • Do the mobile users come and get converted into a sale?
  • Are there points when the users on your site get the aha moment feeling?
  • Are there some particular type of users who are getting you high sales? If yes what can you do to get more of that type of users?
  • How can I use the analytics to track error where the sales are not getting turned?
  • Are there any sales with some specific type of browsers?

All these questions can help you know that how you think of your growth. You will also find that some of the points here have a negative impact on your growth right now, so when you will actually fix them you will surely see a positive movement towards growth. Then you can try some unhidden areas and fix them and find an increment in your growth.

6. Focus Strongly On Building Huge Quality Email Lists

You can really realize the power of building an email list for your company only when you have one to use. Consider some medium that straightly passes your message to someone you want and in that same way you want.

The Email is still probably one of the best ways to communicate with the clients for business purpose. Always get in touch with your users personally

  • Firstly allow your users to opt in to get the new notifications from you.
  • Launch your business from beta to an active signup list
  • Frequently send some reminders or new product mails.
  • Always send some special offers to your existing subscribers.
  • Let your users know about your events.
  • Highlight when there is a product launch at your company.
  • Keep your users engaged in some courses or some other useful content
  • Reach your large audience very quickly, thus increasing the virility of a launch

7. Integrate Freemium To Your Company

If your target market has a lot of competitors who have set up their business then I would suggest you to introduce a free plan to gain the users attraction. This will lower the risk of getting out in the start only.

  • By this tactic, you can get more users in a very less time.
  • When you have more users it means that you have a greater chance to grow.
  • It will help you to bring up beta users faster (since they don’t need to pay to you)

Freemium is also a technique that has been used by many big companies used to enter and establish into the market(since they know that they can get back what they have invested in). Also, there are many important factors that are needed to be kept in mind like you make it sure that you start making money before the money in your pocket gets empty. This is the main reason why people out there say that freemium does not work.

  • It potentially lowers the overall value of your paid product
  • You will need bandwidth to support a higher volume of free users
  • You are more open to abuse and may need to dedicate resource to that
  • You will need to carefully consider how you introduce paid features
  • You will need to find the right balance between free and paid features

8. Giving Away Invite Based Rewards

Launching the free plans in the starting is a strategy that very well worked for the storage giant Dropbox(we all know about it). But the reason behind the immense success of Dropbox was not just because the users were getting the storage for free. But because the Dropbox allowed us to refer our friend to a unique referral link. And we got the extra storage when that friend sign-up using that referral link.


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