Customer Spotlight: Anmol and how he earn via his blogs

Customer Spotlight: Anmol and how he earn via his blogs

Anmol started his online career in 2014 and blogging in mid-2015. He began as a freelancer providing various services including web & graphic designing. We reached anmol to ask him about his journey and how it can help others.

VapourHost: Can you introduce yourself to our readers and summarize your journey?

Anmol: I’m Anmol Singhi, a dropout. I started in the year 2014 as an assistant in a company. I did multiple things in last three years from web designing to graphics and from content writing to digital marketing. Now I am working as a digital marketing consultant and helping my clients from various part of the world to grow their business in local market. I am also sharing my knowledge and experience on my blog.

VapourHost: Experience? Can you tell us more? Walk us through the step-by-step process that you went through. What was the first thing you did? Next?

Anmol: As I mentioned, I started as an assistant in IT company during my high school. That was a turning point in my life. That was the starting of a new journey for me. From there I got to know about the freelancing but didn’t had any skills to start as a freelancer. So I nourished my skills and day by day everything began to go well. If I have to break down my journey into steps then here it is:

  1. Started as assistant in IT company
  2. Learned about freelancing
  3. Nourished my writing skills
  4. Learned and implemented digital marketing
  5. Began as a blogger

VapourHost: Can you tell us about your blog?

Anmol: That was the time when my freelancing business was on peak. A good number of bucks was coming into my account. At that point, everyone was asking me about freelancing. I decided to help them by creating a community or something. That was the time when I came to know about blogging. I share tips on how to make money online, and I do reviews of the product or services that I am using/testing.

VapourHost: How do you drive visitors to your website and create value for them?

Anmol: Most of my traffic comes from social media platforms especially Facebook. Due to certain reasons, I rebranded my blog and deleted all previous data. So I am growing it from scratch again. When it comes to the value, then you can see I have posted only four posts on my blog after rebranding. That’s because I prefer providing unique and original content. That is available nowhere on the internet. I do product reviews, but I test that product manually before writing a review about any product. All my reviews are unbiased and honest ones. That is how I provide value to my readers.

VapourHost: How do you come up with great post ideas for your blog?

Anmol: Whenever I start thinking about my next blog post, I always keep my starting days in mind. I pick topics in which I got confused, and no one was there to help. Then I research about the topic like what other have written and what I can do to make it more better and valuable for my readers.

VapourHost: Why did you choose VapourHost Hosting?

Anmol: I didn’t had any good experience with my previous hosts. I was looking for something more reliable. Customer Support was one of my top priority. One of my mates suggested me to give VapourHost a try. Only after a month, I moved all my sites to VapourHost because of the level services you guys are providing that I didn’t found anywhere till now. VapourHost team is ready to take challenges and work hard to achieve them. I recommend VapourHost to everyone who asks me for web hosting suggestions.

VapourHost: What difference did you feel with us than other web hosts?

Anmol: Best customer support. Affordable plans but no compromise with the service level.
Amazingly fast response time and the uptime.
Dedication to learn and improve every single day.
And list goes on…

VapourHost: Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Anmol: Go and start your blogging journey with a perfect hosting company and I really mean the word “Perfect.” Either you are a school going student or a graduate, start your online journey now. I started at the age of 17, but I still feel that I started late. Most of the youth in India is Jobless, but there are hell lots of opportunities available either its freelancing, blogging or anything else.

This was the story of Anmol, an Indian Blogger and Marketer. Build your next story with us.

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