Year in review

Year in review

You pay us money and we provide you the service, our relationship just doesn’t end in this way. We believe that we can only grow by helping you and we need to look at our history to see what’s been done for that. Are we doing our work the right way or are we just like another corporate acting as a money making machine.

Let’s see what we have done till now and what more can be done.

Improved Support – Let’s be honest with you and say that our support time increased a bit from the starting. Yes, we noticed that ourselves and are working to improve it. The changes are really starting to take place and I am sure that you are also noticing the positive change.

Shut down our Tele-01 Server – We had to shut down one of our server and migrate our customers to a different server. The migration went super smooth and it’s all because of your cooperation.

Celebrated Third Anniversary – We completed 3 great years and this anniversary we ran some great offers. The day clocked the position of highest revenue in a day (for us) till now. The amount wasn’t even matched by Black Friday so we can proudly say that people have faith in us and not in the offers.

PHP 7.4 – We are proud to say that we were one of the first hosts to introduce PHP 7.4 on our servers. When some companies still do not have PHP 7.3 on their servers, we already have 7.4. This shows our dedication towards bringing the newest and greatest industry grade features to you.

Mumbai Digital Summit – Like last year, we sponsored the Mumbai Digital Summit held on 27/12/2019 in Vikhroli, Mumbai. We want to support as many people as possible in starting their online journey and we feel like events are the best way to do that. There’s just too much positivity and learning spirit present which attracts us. We gave Professional Plan 1 for 6 months to every attendee with our own branded t-shirt.

Well we are not a perfect company and we have flaws too and believe that we can grow only be accepting them. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please make sure to drop a mail at [email protected] while if you are happy with our services, do share the word with public.

Wish you a very happy new year 🙂


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